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Information About Skin Cancer & Surgery Services

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Fort Lauderdale Dermatology offers thorough skin cancer screenings to safely and effectively evaluate patients who have abnormal skin concerns.

Surgical excision is a proven treatment that is performed to carefully remove melanomas and malignant skin tissue to eliminate dermal cancer.

Cryosurgery or cold therapy is a type of treatment that utilizes liquid nitrogen to remove precancerous growths or malignant dermal tissue.

Mohs surgery is an invasive procedure that removes skin cancer one dermal layer at a time with a specialized tool until all the cancer is excised.

Topical chemotherapy is a type of medicated cream or ointment that is administered to the top layer of the dermis to effectively treat skin cancer.

Electrodesiccation and curettage is a type of scraping and burning method that is used to remove skin cancer layer by layer to attain healthy skin.

Melanoma is a form of skin cancer that can present itself as a mole or blemish that is dark or light in color and should be treated right away.

Squamous cell carcinomas (SCC) can present as a recurring thick, rough, and scaly spot on the skin that bleeds simply by being bumped or scraped.

Caused mainly by the skin being overexposed to the sun, basal cell carcinoma (mutated basal cells) is a skin cancer found deep within the epidermis.

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