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The Dangers of Tanning

Dr. Eric Wilkerson | 05/28/2020

Both natural and artificial tanning sources cause skin damage through ultraviolet (UV) radiation that leads to an increased risk of skin cancer.


The ABCDEs of Melanoma

Dr. Eric Wilkerson | 05/21/2020

These ABCDEs are important for monitoring your skin for the development of melanoma, which is a potentially dangerous form of skin cancer.


Skin Cancer - The Basics

Dr. Eric Wilkerson | 05/20/2020

Skin cancer is extremely common. In fact, skin cancer is THE most common cancer with millions diagnosed each year.


Rosacea - Myths vs. Facts

Dr. Eric Wilkerson | 04/30/2020

Learn more about common myths and misconceptions associated with Rosacea.


Rosacea - Triggers and Tips

Dr. Eric Wilkerson | 04/28/2020

One of the important components of a rosacea treatment plan involves preventing the severity of rosacea flares by identifying certain triggers.



Dr. Eric Wilkerson | 04/22/2020

Rosacea is a relatively common inflammatory condition often affecting the central face and nose. Read more to learn the various ways to treat Rosacea.


Quarantine Life Skin Care

Dr. Eric Wilkerson | 04/17/2020

How has your diet and exercise routine changed since the start of the pandemic? Learn how the stress and anxiety of this time can affect your skin!


Face Mask Messing Up Your Face?

Dr. Eric Wilkerson | 04/14/2020

With recent recommendations to wear face masks and other coverings in public, people are starting to notice problems with their skin under the mask.


Quarantine Life Hand Care

Dr. Eric Wilkerson | 04/09/2020

Over the last several weeks, we have all become acutely aware of the dramatic changes in our lives due to the novel coronavirus.


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